CompTIA Certification Guide: Career Paths & Study Material

In the elderly information technology, we are covered by all information universes.
The main proportion of this information is available in digital form through the
Internet, which is basically a global computer network that can be accessed by all.
Thus, security is a big problem. The data security available on the internet is known
as Cybersecurity throughout the world. Today, Cybersecurity security is very
important; Especially, considering the various data theft incidents that have occurred
with large organizations such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google+, and Marriott
International. Cyberattacks like spyware and ransomware are also a big challenge to
deal with. It is not surprising that large IT organizations throughout the world spend
millions of dollars to ensure the safety and security of their business data.
Today, due to the increasing demand for Cybersecurity world, there is an increase in
demand for Cybersecurity professionals too. If you want to tap this increase in
demand and make a favorable career in the field of Cybersecurity, CompTIA +
Security + certification can help you get there. Read on to find out about the top five
benefits of getting CompTIA Security + certification.

Minimal prerequisites.
It has been seen that many professionals and students are driven from professional
certification because of various conditions or prerequisites that are attached to them.
But, CompTIA Security +, unlike other Cybersecurity certifications, does not impose
mandatory prerequisites. However, CompTIA (computational technology industry
association) indeed shows that candidates who emerge for this certification exam
should have at least two years of work experience in the field of security and network.
It facilitates passing certification and employment.

Accepted globally
CompTIA Security + globally is considered as one of the fundamental security
certifications in the cybersecurity domain. Provided by CompTIA, this certification is
also accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This shows a
professional ability to implement his knowledge, skills, and the quality needed to
meet ISO 17024 standards.

High salary
CompTIA Security + certification can allow you to get a much higher salary than
your non-certified colleagues. This salary can range from $ 42,130 and $ 95,830 for
the profile of the network engineer. Salary varies depending on work experience and
candidate accreditation. With only five years of experience in this field, you can
expect to get a much higher salary than most IT professionals who have the same

Vendor-neutral characteristics
CompTIA Security + is a vendor-neutral certification. That is, it does not require you
to focus on specific technology-specific vendors and security requirements; Rather,
you can concentrate on general aspects related to Cybersecurity. Extensive security
domain knowledge obtained during this certification allows security professionals and
network administrators to dominate the market.

Extraordinary future scope
The more we deal with large volumes of digital data, the more and more risk of data theft
and corruption; Therefore, there is a constant and increasing need for cybersecurity.
According to predictions carried out by cybersecurity businesses, there will be 3.5 million
cybersecurity positions that are not filled in 2021, up from 1 million in 2014. There
are several other industrial figures that also clearly show the scope of the extraordinary
future for those who are interested in the cybersecurity field.

Skills are measured by CompTIA Network + certification
Some of the main skills measured and validated by CompTIA Network + include the
design and implementation of functional networks, configuration, management and
maintenance of network devices, using routers and switches to maintain network
traffic flow, identify network vulnerabilities, implement it, implement the best
practices and standards, creating and visualize new networks for complex
environments and more.

Learning these skills will make you competent in understanding network dynamics
from various organizations. Apart from the theoretical concepts, this certification also
includes lab and direct experience.

Using a book to prepare network + certification will give you a strong understanding
of the subject matter. CompTIA A+ certification preparation books include all
certification curriculum, so you don’t need to worry about losing something important
from the test objectives.

Book is a good choice for you if you prefer to learn from text and written diagrams.

Books written in serial sequences, and the concept piled up with each other with a
chapter. Using a book to prepare for the exam will help you develop a strong
understanding of network concepts, and this will help you understand a more complex
network scenario in the future.

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