3-Step Guide to Caring for Your Leather Boots

If you consider yourself a shoe lover, you are sure to have different types of shoes in your closet; one of them is leather shoes. Whether Blundstone boots or chamois, leather shoes are classy accessories that you can style in several different ways. 

Usually, leather boots are worn out for adventures in muddy puddles, icy roads, and even through hot and humid conditions during the summer. Your leather boots can handle a lot.

And while it may not wear out quickly, it still slowly loses its qualities with every wear. The good news is that you can do a couple of things to ensure they last long. 

In this quick guide, you will read about the three main care tips to help your leather boots retain their quality and look for a long time!  

How to Care for Your Leather Boots in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Cleaning

Before you get to cleaning your leather boots, make sure to evaluate them. If you are unboxing a new pair of Blundstone boots that have never been used before, you can use the light cleaning method before you start using them.

The Light Cleaning Method

  • First, use a soft-bristled shoe brush and dip it in warm water. 
  • Now, rub the brush on the shoe and remove all the dirt and debris on the surface.
  • You can also check the boot’s soles and clean off any rocks that may have gotten stuck under them.
  • Once you have cleaned them correctly, use a dry cloth to give it a final clean, and you are done!

On the other hand, if you have been using your boots for a long time, you need to clean them thoroughly before starting the actual treatment. 

The Deep Cleaning Method

  • If your boots are visibly soiled, you need special leather cleaners or gels to wipe away the soiled spots.
  • Once you have cleaned the soiled spots, you can use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner gels and let them dry before moving on to conditioning.

Either way, make sure to remove all the laces before cleaning.

Step #2: Conditioning

Conditioning is an essential step needed to safeguard the finish of your favourite boots and ensure their longevity for a long time. By conditioning your boots, you can retain the natural shine of the boot to make them look brand new.

Conditioning is also a relatively straightforward process and can be applied with a sponge, soft cloth or even your fingers. This is because they are mostly sold as oils.

Keep in mind that each leather boot requires a specific type of leather conditioner. So make sure to do ample research first to find a product that will suit your boot.

Step #3: Protecting

Last is the protecting process to seal in the effects of cleaning and conditioning. This is especially true if you wear your boots in damp locations. In this case, using waterproofing treatments will be more beneficial for you. 

Otherwise, you can use a standard leather protector to keep your Blundstone boots looking new and stylish at all times. 

Once the leather protector has been applied, leave it aside for a while to dry before you start using them. After they have dried, you can slip into your boots and start flaunting them once again!

Did you know that the largest segment in the footwear market in Australia is Leather Footwear? The market volume for this segment amounted to US$2,009m in 2021.

With this, you can understand that the popularity of leather boots continues to grow and expand. And because they cost a lot, it is essential to care for and maintain them to ensure their longevity. This way, you will surely get a bang for your buck!

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