How To Fix Microsoft Office Outlook Error?

Increased dependence on emails in organizations is increasing the chances of the Microsoft Office Outlook Error. The issue with the email client impacts the entire workflow. Microsoft Office Outlook is a widely used email client. You can find ways to resolve the problems of Microsoft Office Outlook Error not responding, crashes, or freezes. In this article, you will come to know about how to fix Microsoft Office Outlook Error.

 “Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open.”

Encountering a situation where Microsoft Outlook won’t open is common. At such times, Microsoft Office Outlook Error returns an error message:

Note: using this method you can also fix this error code: [pii_email_149832cb2d2f7b7cdca8]

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window”

Accidentally deleted or indian smm panel can be one of the many reasons. Outlook Profile belonging to an older Outlook version can increase issues. Incorrect configuration, Improper installation, Virus or malware infection, Installation of conflicting add-ins, Internal registry conflict may increase these errors.

Solving ‘Outlook Won’t Open or Start’ Issue

Accessing Microsoft Outlook emails is possible only when you fix these issues:

Method 1 – Updating Outlook and Windows

Windows OS not up-to-date can lead to these issues. To resolve the issue, update the Outlook application or install Windows OS updates. For the update, follow the following steps.

•            Go to File > Office Account.

•            Click Update Options>>>click Update Now.

•            update Outlook

To get the latest Windows updates manually, follow these steps:

•            Go to Settings.

•            Select Update and Recovery

•            Turn on automatic updates.

Open Outlook application to check whether or not you are free from the issue ‘Cannot start MS Outlook’ error.

Method 2 – Launching Outlook in “Safe Mode”

Launching Outlook in safe mode starts with only the basic setup. With that, you can check faulty or damaged add-ins resulting in the ‘Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook’ error.

•            Go to Start > Run


•            Press Windows + R keys. It opens the Run dialog box.

•            Type ‘Outlook.exe /safe’ in the dialog box

•            click OK


•            hit Enter

As soon as you see that the Outlook starts in safe mode, you can rest assured that a faulty add-in(s) were responsible for the issue.

Disabling the faulty add-in(s) requires the following steps:

•            Outlook menu>>> go to File > Options.

•            Click Add-ins. You can get that from the left-side panel.

•            Select COM Add-ins

•            Click Go.

•            Unselect all the add-ins

•            select OK.

•            Restart Outlook

Enable the add-ins and with that also keep restarting Outlook. It can help you identify the faulty add-in causing you to face the issues resulting in not starting Microsoft Outlook.

Final words

With the methods mentioned above, you can rest assured about resolving the Microsoft Office Outlook Error. But, make sure to not skip any of the steps in between to ensure you get the desired results.

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