10 Best Web-Based Video Editors for 2021

Editing videos is not a complicated task with the abundance of easy-to-use web-based video
editors. The in-built tools and pre-made template simplify editing professional-grade videos for
marketing, branding, and promotion. The advanced web-based video editors are powered with
AI technology for suggestive or guided editing. The video editors work on cloud technology that
puts together the video clips and stores them on one cloud platform or enables direct upload from
the editing site.
Before jumping into the 10 best options, let us take a look at the benefits of using web-based
video editors:
● The web-based video editor allows editing from low-end PCs or even from phones. The
servers do the processing work for the video, making it convenient to edit without a
powerful PC or laptop.
● You do not have to worry about loads and loads of external storage. The web-based video
editor provides cloud storage. This means you can retrieve the video anytime, from
Here are the top 10 web-based video editors to use in 2021:

1. InVideo

It is a reliable and amazing online video editor with an easy drag and drop interface. InVideo is
packed with over 5000+ pre-made templates and 1M+ stock media in the form of photos and
videos. The videos are fully customizable in terms of the addition of transitions, filters, color
grading, adjusting exposure or brightness, trimming, or resizing. The intelligence system
automates text to video conversion with 50+ themes.
● Easy to use with tons of tutorials and guides
● Pre-made templates for a different purpose
● In-built customization tools for customizing fonts, colors, editing text, split or merge,
speed adjustment
● In-built video stabilization
● 1M+ stock image and video
● Royalty-free background music

2. Adobe Spark

It is one of the biggest names dominating the video editing domain, but Adobe Spark is suitable
for use through phone or low-end laptops. It allows you to make professional-grade videos and
web stories for free with its customizable tools. It helps transform images and videos into
stunning web content for marketing and branding.

● A range of professionally designed and curated templates
● Resize content, add intuitive filters and interesting transformations and background
● Massive collection of stock photos and videos
● Integrate royalty free background music or voice over

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is another powerful web-based video editor that helps in telling captivating stories
through video. The all-in-one video creating platform helps create, manage, and upload
professional-grade videos. It is suitable for enterprises, small businesses, and creative
professionals with tons of in-built customizable features.
● Create videos using a pre-made template or start from scratch
● Get access to licensed stock footage and image
● In-built screen recorder to record video and audio and edit on the go
● Broadcast high-quality video through live stream

4. Animoto

Use the storyboard template from Animoto to create compelling storytelling-styled creative
videos. Enjoy tons of social media integration features for quick content sharing. The online
video editor requires no technical expertise to use the video creation tools.
● Customizable templates compatible with social media content
● Change text or fonts, crop, or trim footage, and use from three aspect ratios
● Access to an in-built library of stock images and videos
● 1000+ licensed tracks and music

5. Clipchamp

It offers an easy and flexible platform for creating well-edited videos without rendering delay.
The ready-to-use templates make it easy for foes of videos, including professional to personal
creative videos. The platform allows a mixed match of footage and audio with transitions and
● In-built templates with a stock library of image and video
● Automated text to speech conversion
● Use of inbuilt camera recorder to record and edit on the go
● Customize with fonts, filters, transitions

6. WeVideo

The video editor helps in creating videos for marketing campaigns, advertising, and personal
branding. It offers fast and flexible editing with the option of adding a green screen. It is
compatible with iOS and Android for the go editing option.

● In-built stock content with 1M+ images, videos, and music tracks
● Cloud-based flexibility and storage
● The customizable aspect ratio for social media

7. FlexClip

A simple and intuitive video editor suitable for small businesses, social media influencers, and
enterprises. With no technical experience required, create videos in minutes using the in-built
templates or start from scratch with the tools. Add diverse elements to the video with overlays,
logos, animated elements, logos, etc.
● Effortless trim or cutting of the video
● An easy addition to the video storyboard with drag and drop interface
● Customize using texts, colors, and fonts, and cool transitions
● Choose aspect ratio compatible with the device or platform
● Millions of stock photo, video, and music

8. Magisto

The smart video editor allows you to make interesting videos in just a few minutes. Integrate
stock images or videos or upload content from a personal library to create videos for all
marketing needs. Accelerate the power of making a video through fast rendering, seamless
distribution, and get engagement analytics on sharing the video.
● One-stop platform for creation, distribution, and insights
● In-built templates and customizable options like texts, transitions, effect
● Drag and drop interface
● Video marketing platform powered by A.I

9. Powtoon

Create fully customizable videos with Powtoon with the integration of animated characters. It is
a one-stop platform for creating, managing, and distributing videos. Integrate with several third-
party platforms for compelling video content.
● Create animated videos in minutes
● Fully customizable pre-built templates
● Drag and drop interface
● Easy text overlay, video capture, the addition of filters or transitions, and voiceovers

10. Online video cutter

This is a completely free tool for creating simple videos with easy editing options to trim, crop,
and rotate videos. It is beginner-friendly and great for someone looking forward to starting
editing videos. The browser or online tool can support files up to 4GB.

● Compatible with multiple formats like MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP
● Easy video trimming, cropping, and rotation
● Perfect for beginners
Video editing has become quite easy and simple with great online editors with built-in tools,
templates, and smartphone compatibility. All the editors are easy to use without a learning curve
and compatible with iOS and Android for editing on the go. Level up the marketing and creative
game but editing professional-grade videos.

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