Tips for choosing the best sex toy

Year after year sex toys see their sales increase, and with a trend that’s been going strong for over a decade, it is safe to say that sex toys are here to stay. Sexuality is a fundamental pillar in relationships, so, in order to surprise, enjoy different sensations and even enhance pleasure, they are ideal. 

The fact is that these accessories have the main function of increasing enjoyment, whether they are used alone, as a couple, or with an exotic Sydney escort. Those who think that there is an age for the usage of sex toys are wrong, since in every phase of life it is possible to take advantage of different types of toys, and there will always be one that adapts to the desires and cravings of each moment. 

In the end, there is surely a sex toy for every thought, fetish or fantasy. It doesn’t matter how old one is, if one has never used it or if one is already an expert in the subject. Even less how much one has to invest, in the adult market there are plenty of options to choose from according to all tastes and pockets.

But is it that easy to choose the right sex toy? Not always. Due to the great variety of types, materials, models and functions, sometimes, there can be confusion, and thinking about it and also about the great importance of a happy sex life for every individual Skokka together with the beautiful escorts in Dublin will delve into the subject.

Tips for choosing the right sex toy

Whether someone is more daring or a shy person, there is a wide range of accessories to spice up sexual play, so keep a few important points in mind when choosing them:

1. Definition of the purpose of use

It is essential to define the purpose of use before buying: Is it to use alone or with other people? Is it to masturbate? To get to know the body better? To push limits? Or maybe just to check the success of a friend’s purchase? With the purpose in mind, it is much easier to decide and move on to the next step…

2. Know the models and materials

There are many different formats, from classic penis-shaped dildos to bullets, which are a metal toy that resembles a small stick but can work miracles when it comes to stimulating the clitoris. Sex toys can be made of plastic, metal, latex and silicone, the latter being the most recommended as they are more delicate to the touch and easier to sanitise.

3. It is preferable to make the purchase in person

Undoubtedly, the internet and the ease and convenience it brings makes life easier for many, but the point is that, at least at the beginning, when one does not have much experience in the use of this type of accessories, their material and so on, it is important to have someone who can guide them in the first purchase. 

Going to a sex shop can be a lot of fun and, unlike what many may fear, there is no reason for inhibition, as the professionals who work there are sure to be friendly and knowledgeable about the accessories and products they sell, and therefore can answer any questions that may arise.

4. Let the imagination run wild

Freeing the instincts and giving free rein to the imagination is, therefore, the last factor when choosing the ideal adult toy. For this moment, anything goes, whips, handcuffs, a spicy costume, massage gels…. Whatever the fantasy is.

Cleaning of sex toys

After checking the type, size, material, etc., it is time to know how to take care of the apparatus. Nowadays there are specific products for cleaning sex toys, but it is not entirely necessary. Most of them can be moistened and cleaned with neutral soap, and some can even be boiled. The best thing to do then would be to see what is recommended by the manufacturer or the shop that sold it and follow it closely in order to conserve its useful life and ensure the hygiene of all those who use it.

Types of toys

  • Anal plugs
  • Bondage articles
  • Vibrators and Chinese balls
  • Penis rings
  • Massage and / or retardant gels
  • Dildos

Men and women, couples, gay or straight, alone or in company, there will always be a toy suitable for use by anyone.
They stimulate the erogenous zones, delay ejaculation, maximize sensations, stimulate the G-spot, provide a more powerful erection, more intense as well as a greater number of orgasms… Not to mention the more daring ones, such as BDSM articles, which can allow one to discover new limits in bed alone, with a partner or even a sexy escort from Auckland. Whether to spice up a relationship or to have fun alone, making the most of sexuality and its benefits should be a priority!

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