‘Death Note’ Season 2: Will Released In 2020?

The Japanese manga series ‘Death Note’ Season 2 is one of the most favorite anime of all time. In 2006 and 2007 Death Note was originally on Tsugumi Ohba’s manga series and governed by Tetsuro Araki, director of Attack On Titan. The anime is a story about Light Yagami, a high school student who has the capacity to kill any person whose name is written in the supernatural notebook. The manga began in 2004 and ended in 2006 with its 12th volume.

What is the Published Date of Death Note Season 2?

The manga series has 108 characters and is published in 12 varieties. Since 3 October 2006, Japan’s fastest activity change has happened. Presently, no actual announcement has been made about the show’s second season. It is assumed that the COVID 19 pandemic is also postponing the announcement. 

Trailer of Death Note Season 2

No, currently there is no news about the trailer for the upcoming season of Death Note. There is no actual announcement about the second season of the series so far, so we cannot conclude the trailer for now. However, the series is likely to be released somewhere in 2022.  

The cast of Death Note Season 2  

Prakash Yagami is in the lead role. In calculating, we have Detective El Joliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Nat River, and Teru Mikami. There is no actual statement on the character for the second season. 

Animal Renewal: Death Note Season 2

The 2007 anime series is still a great adaptation of its manga. Despite heavy requests, Studio Madhouse never renewed the anime for a second round. However, now that the new detached manga has been released, the creators will finally have a storyline for Season 2. The new series might arrive anytime soon on Anicloud.

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