Advantages of Free UK Competitions

It’s no secret that working for free isn’t how it’s done. When you’re the one taking a pay cut, there might be some things in your work that aren’t up to par. That’s where free UK Competitions come into play: rather than receiving an hourly rate, you can win money just for completion! These competitions are meant to be a pick-me-up, something to give you hope when everything else seems to like it’ll never go your way again.

Advantages of Free Competitions:

1. If you’re running out of work and need to find something, having a competition to turn to is the way to go. This keeps you working and gives the illusion that you have more than enough work that you’ll be able to get done in a longer period.

2. You can use free UK Competitions as an assessment. What’s a better way to see how you’re doing than give a small portion of your work away? If you get negative feedback, you know that something needs to change.

3. Paying for the competition might be an advantage on its own! Everything from the prizes to the host to the website can be useful for gaining more clients or business in general. Some competitions are even related to networking – who has time for that when one is trying to cover a wedding?

4. You can learn a lot from free competitions. If you decide to join one, you can see how your work looks when it’s compared to others and get ideas for your pieces.

5. If you have a passion for something, it might just be the only way to get started. Whether it’s photography, music, or art, competitions support those who have an idea that they want to see come to life; they aid them in their process of creation by showing them what their finished piece should look like at the end of it all.

6. The free UK Competition itself is free. So the only thing you need to win is a lot of work, which you can do at home or in the office. You can even use an old PC and a microphone to get the job done!

7. You can get feedback very easily on your work by entering the competition or by going to the website of the host.

8. The hosts and organizers of these competitions often have a lot of experience in the field that you do. They can teach and guide you through what you’re doing, which helps people improve and get better at what they do in the long term.

9. A lot of new photographers, artists, and other professionals can support themselves by taking part in these competitions!


If your work isn’t good enough, there’s always next time! Although people say that ‘practice makes perfect, practice does not make perfect. It’s alright to have a competition that assesses at the end of it all, so you can see what your work is doing and learn from it.

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