A Shoulder Holster – A Prototype For James Bond

Shoulder holster is an accessory to hold the gun in place torestrict undesired movement. These devices are hung from shoulders and clasped under the arms so as to conceal the gun. It should fit in a position from where the guncan be easily pulled for use. Someholsters offer concealment while others do not.Holsters vary to the extent they can be secured or clasped. Some holsters have a flap over the top to protect the gun from water and dust. The shoulder gun holster has to be designed for a perfect fit to give comfort. Itfeels more like wearing a backpack and the holster has to be designed in detail with one’s body style and profile to give comfort. To buy this kind of holster require patience, trial, and time to get the right fit. These holsters are for real professionals and not for regular use.

Features of shoulder holster

  • Maintain the hang of the holster along the sides so that there is no printing of the gun once you wear the garment
  • The main function ofthe  Holster is to protect the gun, steady its retention, and easy access. Sometimes the design conflicts with the purpose, say if the protection is great but the ease of use is compromised. It is up to the manufacturers to give the best of the features andthe customers to make the right choice
  • Holsters prevent accidental triggersbyblocking access to the trigger.  They are designed to withdrawand replace the gun with one hand in an easy flow
  • The texture of the holster should be stiff and rigid so thatit doesn’t cave in when the gun is removed
  • This holster is primarily used to secure heavyhandguns as they can spread the weight to a larger span of the body. It is very difficult to carry heavy guns in the waist belt as it bulges out. Also, continuoussecuring of heavy guns at the waist causes discomfort. But a good holsterhelps to carry such heavy guns very easily
  • Also these holsters are the only option for long-barrelled handguns for concealed carry. These holsters can conceal even gunswith 6 inches barrel length
  • It is the best option while driving as it is nothinderedby the seatbelt and allowseasy access to the handgun while driving
  • When a rifle needs to be used from the prostrate position, it is the best holsteravailable in the market. It offers comfort much higher compared to the traditional hip-mounted holster. This holster does not cramp movements making it  easier to roll over or crawl on a flat deck 
  • Another hidden advantage to some designs is their versatility: they will accept and safely carry concealed handguns. Though some believe thatthese holsters are outdated, if designedand adjusted well is the best means of carrying a concealed weapon. 

James Bond always wears a shoulder gun holster !

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