Things To Consider While Selecting A Cancer Hat

If you’ve lost your hair due to chemotherapy, you’ll need something to keep you warm and protected. While scarves and wigs are popular options, cancer hats are excellent products. 

Along with a vast array of options, these hats aren’t as ugly as those traditional surgical caps. But all these options and types might confuse you while shopping. So, we’ve listed the crucial factors you need to consider while buying hats for cancer patients.


Always choose hats with soft cotton linings, which will be comfortable for your scalp. Avoid products made of rough material which might be itchy. If you choose a cap with a liner, make sure the seamless side touches your scalp when wearing it. 

You can also wear a hat liner and then wear the hat on top. It will make you feel comfortable and absorb sweat, keeping you cool. 


You must select a hat that offers you full coverage. Even if it has a snug fit, ensure that it covers all areas where hair grows. Providing you with better protection will cover all signs of hair loss, which will make you feel better and confident. 

  • So, look for hats covering the hairline and up to your neck’s nape 
  • Newsboy hats, baseball caps and military caps offer variety and decent coverage
  • You can wear a stylish headband under the hat for better coverage and comfort


No matter how soft or stylish the cancer hat is, it needs to fit you perfectly. It’s essential to not worry about your height, sleeping or falling off while moving around. 

So try to avoid fabrics such as polyester or silk, which are a little slippery. Instead, go for good old cotton and rayon, which will have a better grip on your scalp. 

  • You also need to ensure the perfect fit. If your scalp is small and the hat doesn’t fit properly, a padded cap liner will offer you a better fit. 
  • You can select caps with adjustable drawstrings or ones which you can stretch to position the hat 
  • Adhesive hat sizers are also effective to place the hat properly


The climate when you will be wearing your cancer hat is an important factor to consider. It’s because some fabrics are suitable for warmer temperatures, while others are comfortable when it’s cold. 

So, for warmer seasons, cotton fabrics are perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable. You can wear them throughout the year also. In addition, these hats are breathable, which will prove helpful during sudden hot flushes.   

On the other hand, hats made of fleece or chenille are ideal for the colder months. 

Also, it would help if you contemplate where you are wearing the hat. That way, you can select from fancy designs or standard designs. 

Tips to Choose the Best Cancer Hat 

Cancer is the primary cause of death in Australia, and so you’ll find plenty of hat products in the market. Here are some tips– 

  • If your face shape is elongated, hats with wide brims will be suitable 
  • Medium brim hats are comfortable for all head and face shapes 
  • If you want comfort on a budget, pick scarf hats 
  • You can wear halos along with the heads to get the look of some “hair.”   
  • Customise your hat with bands, ribbons or paint something on it! 

Wrap Up 

Style is a critical factor when selecting hats for cancer patients to consider besides comfort and fit. Your hat must make you look and feel good. It will give you the mental energy required to overcome the stricter times while battling cancer.

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