4 Reasons Why Women Choose To Wear Corselettes Over Bras

When it comes to choosing innerwear, you will find versatile bralettes from balconettes to plunge bras. Though bras primarily focus on supporting the bust, preventing sagging and giving a gentle chest compression. On that note, wearing a corset extends the support to the bust and lower back. With that said, a significant percentage of women report waist corselettes to alleviate back pain and other posture complexities. Though the origin of corselettes dates back to the 1900s, it has now turned into a go-to bra choice! 

Why A Corselette?

While there are several choices with bras, corselette can best suit women with heavy and light busts, feeling discomfort with typical bras. However, corselettes are a rescue material for women with a higher bust profile or those who have started to experience sagging post-pregnancy. Here are four impeccable benefits of wearing a corset,

Enjoy An Hourglass Figure

If you have lately started to feel your waist vanishing, a waist training corset is the best investment to make. Amidst multiple body shaping garments that can turn uncomfortable over prolonged usage, corselettes offer the comfort you need along with delivering a mild compression. Most times, corselettes extend compression onto the stomach, which can positively impact overall weight loss. 

By applying gentle abdominal pressure, corselettes are successful in minimising stomach expansion and sometimes even controlling appetite. Some researchers even suggest corselettes can keep eating disorders at bay, thereby restoring your perfect waistline without compromising on comfort.

A Fashionable Additive

You can either wear a pair of corselettes under your garment or go bold, doubling it up as a crop top. Whatever way you decide to style your corset, there is no doubt that this bralette type is sexy and capable of creating a fashion statement. Furthermore, with the right-sized corselette, you eventually learn to flaunt your curves and aim for a fitter body- corselettes help retrieve self-esteem! Today, corselettes come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. 

Not just that, corselettes are designated for each body shape to let you experience the best benefits. Additionally, some corselettes aim to give your waist a definite shape. For instance, wasp corselettes nip the waist and turn your waistline into an exclusively small and sexy profile. S-shaped corselettes help in thrusting the chest out and creating an S-shaped body outline. 

Define Your Bust The Right Way

Most Aussie women tend to go with breast augmentation to retrieve a defined shape which can cost more than 100,00 AUD. However, if you are looking for a bra that can offer the best support, comfort and a gentle lift to your breast, nothing can be better than picking a corselette. Women with smaller busts generally prefer padded bras that can sometimes turn tricky and can cause damage to your original shape. Also, since padded bras come with an extra lining, they might seem unnatural and thicker. On the flip side, corselettes only aim at flaunting and defining your natural bust shape without adding any extra. Since corselettes offer a snuggle-yet-comfortable fit, they gently lift smaller busts and support bigger-sized breasts. 

A Take On Strengthening Muscles

As already said, corselettes do not simply define or support busts but extend their benefits onto other body parts. On the list, you will find corselettes aiding to strengthen the core and lower back muscles. Especially if you are experiencing postpartum complications or any other pain-related conditions, corselettes are the best bet. In addition, since corsets limit unwanted movement, you are at low risk of any back injury. On the bottom line, corselettes align your core muscles, keeping the lower spine and lumbar region upright. 

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