Top 4 Teeth Whitening Products You Must Try

Several different products cater to oral hygiene when it comes to the dental industry in Melbourne. And one of the most significant segments under oral hygiene is teeth whitening in Melbourne

Moreover, several different teeth whitening products are available on the market that claim to make your teeth more dazzling and bright. However, these are nothing more than just hoax claims most of the time.

But, if you are interested in trying a few teeth whitening products, here are a few options you can test out.

#1 Whitening Rinses and Toothpastes

One of the most common products for teeth whitening in Melbourne is whitening rinses and toothpaste. And because these options are versatile, you can easily swap them with your usual mouthwash and toothpaste.

These products come with a few mild abrasives that help to remove tough stains and dirt on the tooth’s surface. These ingredients are usually items like hydrogen peroxide, etc.

For better results, you can also pair this with a whitening toothbrush with condensed bristles to minimise the effects of abrasion.

#2 Whitening Strips and Chewing Gum

Yet another popular choice for teeth whitening products is the whitening strip and chewing gum. These are usually sugar-free, and they help produce more saliva after every meal. This, in turn, helps to rinse and remove excess food and bacteria.

Moreover, the chewing gum ingredients are also a protective coat over your teeth and keep away staining. This way, you can ensure your teeth remain sparkly white even after chomping down on heavy meals!

Teeth-whitening strips are usually sold as plastic with peroxide-gel on the surface. These strips are then placed over the teeth. You can keep them for around 30 minutes every day. based on the instructions 

After two weeks of regular use, you will be able to see a significant change in the colour of your teeth.

#3 Whitening Trays

Next up, you have teeth whitening trays that come in the form of a mouthguard with a whitening solution inside it. These can be purchased in stores and pharmacies. However, your regular dentist will also work with you to create a custom teeth whitening tray!

The dentists will first need an impression of your teeth to do this. Once they have this, they will create a whitening peroxide solution of perfect concentration.

In simple words, whitening trays work a lot like whitening strips. However, you may have to use whitening trays for a longer time.

#4 Dental Whitening Treatment

Last but not least, you have dental whitening treatments that happen in the dentist’s office. Compared to the rest of the whitening treatments, the in-office method is most effective.

To do this, the dentist will first apply a protective coating on your lips and gum tissues to keep them protected against harsh ingredients. After this, this will apply some whitening gel on the teeth and use an ultraviolet lamp to trigger the start of the whitening process.

This treatment is more effective than the rest because the ingredients in the gel here are more potent than the in-store products. And even though the cost is a bit more, the results are sure to be obvious and last a long time.

Wrapping Up

Did you know that the Oral Care segment in Australia is expected to grow 0.78% every year (CAGR 2021-2026)? 

This shows that tooth whitening and oral hygiene are of utmost importance. When you have a healthy smile, you will feel more confident and happier.

While store-bought products are quick, easy to use and cost-efficient, it is always best to opt for the in-office whitening solution as this can keep your smile dazzling for longer, making this the best treatment of them all.

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