Surgical Hats: How to Pick the Best

Hygiene is an essential factor in any medical setting. So to ensure complete sanitation, all staff workers in hospitals and clinics must wear proper clothing from top to bottom, and it can help prevent HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) and keep everyone safe. 

When it comes to covering the head, scrub hats play an essential role. Meanwhile, the global medical cap market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027. However, selecting the fitting nurse cap can be a bit complicated. And with multiple styles available, you need to choose the one that fits perfectly and does not offer any discomfort during work.

So read the following article to know more about the different factors while making the final purchase.  

Choose the Right Scrub Hat Type

Usually, medical caps are available in a free size that fits all but you will find multiple types suitable for different hairstyles. So take a look at the following options and pick the ideal one: 

● Ponytail Caps – This style will fit you best if you have long hair. Here, a rear opening will easily accommodate a ponytail. And for extra length, a ribbon tied pouch is also available. 

● Bouffant Caps – You can imagine this style like a flattened chef’s hat or an oversized shower cap! And it is ideal for when you want to tuck long, thick hair into the cap comfortably. 

● Disposable Caps – Most fabric scrub hats can be conveniently washed and reused. However, if you are working in highly contagious environments, it is better to opt for the use-and-throw option. 

● Pixie Caps – This hat style is specially made for people with less dense tresses. And like a surgical cap, it offers tight-fitting and is suitable for people with short, trimmed hair. 

Check the Fabric Blend Properly

If you wear your scrub hats for extended shifts, it is necessary to ensure the fabric is breathable. Nevertheless, you don’t want your head to sweat during work hours. Therefore, check if your cap is 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. 

Meanwhile, the former option will be lightweight and feel better but is likely to shrink over time, while the latter one will be more durable and last longer. Plus, you can also look for odour-blocking, antimicrobial finishes based on your requirement. 

Focus on Colour and Design

No one says you can’t add a splash of colour to your daily outfit. As such, choosing different scrub cap designs can be your daily fashion statement with a fixed uniform code. And you can find various styles like stripes, polka dots, leopard print, etc.

You can also customise the final product by adding your name or choosing a particular fabric print that reflects your culture or heritage. For instance, if you are working in the paediatric department, vibrant shades can be an exciting addition for children to notice. 

Choosing the proper medical attire is crucial if you work in a hospital or a clinic. Also, you need to ensure the garment prevents contamination and offers complete movement. So to cover your hair correctly, you must wear scrub caps daily. And even though these caps are available in a single size, you still have to check which type you want to buy.

Based on your hair length, you can choose to wear any of the four types mentioned above. Additionally, you should select the best fabric blend that lasts long and provides breathability. 

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