CBD Products For Animals

Living a healthier and improved quality of life is not only for the human species. Animals around the globe deserve the same and it is easier to do now with modern advances and discoveries. We think that purchasing off-the-shelf products at the supermarket will ensure our pets get the essential vitamins and minerals they need but this is not always the case, and if we aren’t aware of what ingredients are going into these foods then our pets’ are most likely not getting everything they need in terms of nutrition. 

Dogs, cats, animals, in general, need sustenance to have endurance and energy for their daily adventures. Take a look here https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/vitamins-dogs-need-healthy-lifestyle/ to kick start your knowledge and find out all there is to know about what nutrients to provide for your furry family member. The better equipped we are with what to look out for and what to provide, the better the quality of life your animal will live. 

Vitamins for dogs.

Is there such a thing? Certainly, and we rely on them daily, but if you could offer your pet an alternative to the mass-produced vitamin tubs and prepare a meal or treats with all-natural products, is that not so much better?

There are homegrown organic plants, fruits, and herbs that are easy to use, quick to add into dishes and baked goods, and have been implemented into products that make dinner time convenient. An ingredient that is increasing in popularity daily is the CBD flower and plant, derived from the Cannabis family. Its natural medicinal properties make for a great alternative to chemically-filled products.

Cannabidiol- the scientific name for CBD- is a compound extracted from the Cannabis plant which has been grown and harvested for centuries and in today’s world is offering people and animals alike a varied option for health treatment. Its genetic makeup is similar to that of the animal endocannabinoid system and thus makes it a great receptor into the body, and with the list of positives documented and reported on social media and various platforms people are beginning to take notice. 

You ideally want a product that will offer your pet the benefits of a full spectrum vitamin catalog but without the unwanted chemical versions, if this sounds like something that could work for you and your pet then CBD pet products might be the solution.

The market is full of options and products claiming to be better than the next, but one name that keeps popping up in search engine results is CBD, and with careful research and homework you can find a variety that works within your budget and lifestyle. 

CBD plus side.

The list of health advantages that the Cannabidiol brings to the table is constantly being discovered and updated with the help of modern technology, but what we know so far has changed the way people and animals live their lives. 

A renewed sense of energy, an improved mood and morale are all some of the symptoms experienced and noticed by CBD users, let’s take a look at a few more that are commented on when speaking to and interviewing pet owners who have opted to include CBD into their dog’s diet. 

  • Anxiety. Many dog owners who previously had to either essentially sedate their pet or drop them at a family member when having a party or on fireworks night due to extreme anxiety, now say their pet is at home in the living room and is calmer. CBD regulates the way the animal assesses and reacts to stressful situations and they can then better self-evaluate them.
  • Arthritis. Age catches up with us no matter the species and with that comes a host of physical and mental issues which are better managed with the help of CBD. There is less pain, joints are more flexible, and with a decrease in inflammation of muscles, your pup can remain their happy self. Win-win.

Many pet lovers and owners have had much success with CBD aiding arthritis in their pets, simply adding a few drops of the oil to their meals or soaked into their treats and within a few weeks they began to notice a change. Watch an example of this in this video and see how the wonder of a humble plant can transform a life and a future that once looked bleak.

  • Cancer. While CBD is not a cure for this horrible disease, it does significantly reduce the proteins and hormones responsible for feeding cancer-causing tumors.  This in turn stops and essentially prohibits the growth of cancer and your pet can live a longer life. 

A final round-up of thoughts.

Studies have given us evidence of positive results, not only are the success stories pouring in daily, but the medical industry is also taking notice of the advantages this plant is offering to patients and their pets.

Knowing that you are offering your dog a meal that comes from naturally sourced and processed ingredients shows you have taken the initiative to give them the life they deserve, and well done to you. 

CBD is an ingredient that has multiple health benefits, offers users a renewed energy, improved mood, and particularly in dogs a coat and fur that has increased luxuriousness, what’s not to love. Take from nature a product that will change their life, it comes in various forms and implementation methods so fitting it into their diets and your lifestyle couldn’t be easier.

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