7 Ways to Consume Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most popularly debated hallucinogenic substances today due to the immense legalization efforts made by several countries worldwide. 

The USA remains one of the countries with partial legalizations of the substance, with 19 states allowing its possession and recreational use. These include the state of Michigan, with Bay City dispensary being one of the most reliable places to obtain different forms of Marijuana from.

Bay City, surprisingly, also has the second-highest number of dispensaries in the entire country at 22. Listed below are seven out of the numerous popular forms of Marijuana.


Those looking for a more conventional marijuana experience should stick to simple marijuana leaves, stems, and buds. These marijuana plant portions contain active compounds that bind to receptors in the brain and produce a high. 

Marijuana leaves may be used in a variety of different ways. 

  • One may roll it into a cigarette. 
  • People can also insert the pieces into a specially built water pipe, and the resulting vapor can be ingested. 
  • Marijuana users can also put particles of it into empty cigarettes and cigars and smoke them.


Hashish is a substance made from the viscous resin of cannabis plants. This resin can be purchased in pieces or dried and formed into cakes or balls. That blob of the substance may be smoked in a pipe or bong. 

Hashish is generally a far more potent form of Marijuana because it lacks inactive organic substances such as leaf cellulose.

Powdered Leaves

Some individuals wish to convert Marijuana into a fine powder that delivers the marijuana hit while retaining the smooth sensation of the product in the mouth when consumed. 

These folks mill or grind Marijuana and use the powdered material to prepare edible marijuana goods such as ice cream, cookies, and sweets.


Marijuana extractions can produce compounds that are glass-like or honey-like, but they can also have substances that are harder and more wax-like. 

These products, which are also intended to be smoked, can be 20-30 times stronger than regular marijuana compounds.


This extremely potent form of Marijuana is developed by passing a solvent, such as butane or propane, through marijuana buds. When a product is left behind, it is spread to cool and dry on a sheet. That sheet can then be cut into fragments and sold. 

Shatter pieces may contain up to 80% THC, making them one of the most potent forms of cannabis.


Marijuana can be effective when smoked, but it can also be effective when it comes in contact with any other part of the digestive system. Teas and other liquids like juices allow people to receive the active element in cannabis into their bodies without inhaling smoke. 

Teas and liquids may also have a more easily maskable odor.

Honey Butane Oil

This marijuana formulation does not include any honey, yet it is yellowish and shiny, much like honey; thus, the name!  

This substance is created by evaporating butane through a cannabis filter. The residue is a combination of butane and honey that may be consumed using a pipe or vaporizer.

Wrapping Up

Now that one has all the information on the different popular formulations of Marijuana, they can go to their nearest Bay City dispensary to purchase their most preferred form of the substance. However, they need to remember to always use the substances cautiously, as with any other intoxicating substance.

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