5 Health Benefits of Taking Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are extremely tiny protein fragments derived from animal collagen. Collagen is a protein found in cartilage, bone, and skin. Whole collagen protein is broken down into smaller bits to create collagen peptides. Collagen peptides appear to start building up in the skin and cartilage when taken by mouth. 

This could assist with some skin and joint issues. Collagen peptides are utilised to treat osteoarthritis and aged skin. However, they’re mostly used for osteoporosis, brittle nails, muscle strength, etc.

Additionally, there are other health benefits of collagen peptides:

Improves Your Skin Health

The effects of collagen supplements and their possible contribution to your diet have perhaps gotten the most attention. Collagen makes roughly 75% of the dry weight of your skin, as previously stated. As a result, it is dependent on the circumstances.

Collagen within our skin deteriorates as we get older. Our bodies are thought to create 1% less collagen production each year, beginning at twenty. Wrinkles, diminished skin suppleness, and thin skin are all symptoms of collagen degradation and decreased production as people become older.

Collagen supplementation improved moisture retention and elasticity while increasing collagen density in a major analysis of existing research literature.

Helps Muscle Mass

Protein helps you gain muscle, as your gym buddies will tell you. But unfortunately, it’s a different story whether or not hydrolysed collagen enables you to gain muscle. Fortunately, some research has been conducted on the subject.

According to one study, resistance exercise combined with collagen supplementation enhanced fat-free body weight and muscle strength in aged men. Another study, undertaken on active young men, found that supplementing 15g of collagen peptides daily for 12 weeks increased body mass, fat-free mass, and muscle strength.

Improve Joint Health

Collagen helps to keep your cartilage, the rubbery tissue that supports your joints, in good shape. Unfortunately, the more you get older, the more you lose the quantity of collagen stored in your body. 

As a result, you’re more susceptible to joint illnesses such as osteoarthritis when that happens. On the other hand, collagen supplements may help ease osteoarthritis symptoms and lessen overall joint discomfort.

A study of five studies involving over 500 persons with osteoarthritis discovered that consuming roughly 10 grams of collagen every day for an average of 24 weeks improved joint stiffness and self-reported muscle aches significantly. According to researchers, supplemental collagen may collect in cartilage and encourage your tissues to produce collagen protein. As a result, there may be less inflammation, greater joint support, and less pain.

If you desire to take collagen supplements for pain relief, most research says that 10 grams per day will be effective.

Boost Hair and Nail Health

Collagen is prevalent in your skin and consists of essential amino acids for healthy hair growth. There is, however, no solid scientific proof that collagen supplementation has a significant impact on one’s hair health. This isn’t to say collagen peptides can’t do it. Rather, it implies that no research has been conducted to demonstrate that it can.

However, there is some evidence that collagen is beneficial to nail health. For example, after 24 weeks of supplementation, this clinical trial discovered that collagen peptide supplementation boosted nail development, improved brittle nails, and reduced nail breaking.

Help with Weight Loss

Collagen peptides are a form of dietary protein. When consumed as part of a well-balanced diet, protein sources can help with feelings of fullness and satisfaction. The technique through which collagen could be employed as a weight control aid is usually cited by manufacturers as satiety or fullness. 

However, as a strong source of protein, collagen could theoretically be used to substitute other, less satisfying, and greater calorie foods while also promoting muscle growth and fat loss.

All in all, collagen provides many health benefits that will favour not just those who are on their fitness journey but also those who want to take care of their physical health. In addition, the benefits for your skin, hair, and nails will encourage you to incorporate collagen into your diet. 

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