Is a perfect companion for professional Forex traders?

Forex trading involves a lot of essential elements, all of which need to be analyzed before placing a trade. If you are an experienced forex trader, you are surely familiar with those essential elements and the considerable factors as well. But, are you sure you are having the best platform with the best capabilities that you require for every price trend?

Not all forex trading platforms are made for advanced-level forex traders. Some may compromise on providing all the trading indicators, some may compromise on optimization and others may not work flawlessly in a slow internet connection. 

One may not be bothered about those minor flaws in the forex trading platform. But as a pro trader, you surely are familiar with the trends with the greatest volatility and with sudden ups and downs. In such a scenario, you may either miss a great chance or may end up losing your money. 

Nevertheless, can be the best solution for you being an overall best performer in the forex industry. Let’s see how it can meet your requirements and be the most favorable forex trading platform out there. Read more about it here:

About and trust factor

The first and foremost concern of every pro forex trader is the safety of their chosen app, as they are going to trade in high volumes someday. Speaking about, it was established in 2008 and is regulated and adhered to by the top-tier European authorities. Besides, it is a part of Finalto, a renowned constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

On top of this, or MarketX apps is covered by 5 top financial jurisdictions including EU, Australia, UK, British Virgin Islands, and South Africa. 

Besides, it has been around for a decade being a reputed forex trading platform with feature-rich options and reliable performance. Considering the historical background and concerned authorities, you can indeed trust with your trades.

Top Features of that makes it perfect for pro traders

  • Numerous decision-making tools

Besides the most appreciable education tools that include virtual and textual information about the forex market and a few essential strategies as well, provides a wide range of decision-making tools. 

This includes instant buy or sell options, signaling tools, automatic triggers/ alerts, insider trade alerts, trading trends gathered from multiple trusted sources from all across the globe. 

Being at the advanced level, you can indeed use all those options to gain consistently high returns even while executing a scalping strategy. 

  • Low spreads 

Although charges zero commissions for the trades, it also manages to offer the lowest spread on all major currency pairs that high-volume trades normally prefer. So, you won’t need to compromise on the chance that you may have grabbed by shifting to another currency pair may it be based on volatility or the price trends. 

Speaking about price trends, you can find more than 50 indicators that will help you boost your strategy and forecast the upcoming trend hassle-freely. 

  • Intuitive UI and charts

Being around the forex trading platforms, you are surely familiar with the standard UI that most platforms have. But, makes it all simple where you can get every tool, resource, or indicator on the same page where you are analyzing the chart. Thus, you will never miss a trend from now on. 

  • Impressive leverage 

Although leverage increases the risks as well, it is the best way to earn profits with less capital. With, you can enjoy the leverage of up to 1:300 on the retail account and 1:200 on the professional account. 

  • Advanced add-ons

Apart from the tools and indicators, also displays a good number of perks with the add-ons that every professional seeks out.

With all those compelling features on board, one must give out a try to with different strategies to get the best forex trading experience. 

Furthermore, this popular platform also provides a free demo account with virtual money to test every other feature favoring your trading skills. Accompanied by zero commission fees and minimum initial deposit, makes it a top choice for the pro traders in Forex. Additionally, the platforms accept deposits from a wide number of payment options including cards, bank transfers, and PayPal, etc.

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