What is the salary for ESE? What perks and allowances are given to ESE officers?

Engineering Service Examination or ESE is among the popular career options for engineering graduates in India. It is conducted by the UPSC to hire candidates for technical to managerial positions. Furthermore, it is among the most competitive exams in India since it has limited job roles each year. 

Students can get job roles in different companies like Railways, Naval Armaments, Telecom, Border Roads, NHAI, CPWD, CPES, IDSE, and others. The selected candidates are finalized as Class – 1 officers.

Eligibility Criteria for ESE

The eligibility criteria for ESE candidates are as follows:


Citizens from India, Nepal, and Bhutan are eligible directly to apply for ESE examinations and qualify for different job roles. Furthermore, Tibetans candidates who have been living in India since 1st January 1962 are also eligible to apply for the exam. Likewise, persons of Indian origins living in different countries like Vietnam, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Zambia, and others can apply for the examination if they wish to become permanent citizens of India.


The minimum age to appear for the ESE examination is 21 years, while the maximum age for appearing in the exam is 30 years. A relaxation of 5 years is provided to government employees of different sectors as well as candidates from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. 


Students must have completed their engineering degree from a recognized university or a diploma from a foreign university that is recognized by the government of India. Students are also eligible for the exam if they have passed Section A and B of the Institution Examinations of the Institution of Engineers (India).

Salary of ESE officers.

Qualifying ESE candidates are given a job role of Assistant Executive Engineers or Assistant Director at a junior level. Also, the entry-level salary provided is around 56,000 Rupees per month, while the net salary is around 85,000 Rupees per month. There are also different levels of ESE pay scale depending on the post of the ESE officer. 

For example, an ESE officer at an apex scale has a salary of 2,25,000 per month. The table below describes the salaries of the ESE candidates at different levels as well as the timeframe the salaries are provided.

LevelPay ScaleTime Frame
Junior Time Scale56,000 – 1,50,000 INROn Joining
Senior Time Scale67,000 – 2,00,000 INR3-5 years
Junior Administrative Grade1,23,000 – 2,15,000 INR10-15 years
Senior Administrative Grade1,44,000 – 2,18,000 INR15-20 years
Higher Administrative Grade1,82,000 – 2,24,000 INR 
HAG+2,05,000 – 2,24,400 INR 
Apex Scale2,25,000 

Perks and Allowances of an ESE Officer

Since these job roles are predominantly in the PSU sectors, there are various perks and allowances besides their paychecks.

The perks and allowances for ESE officers are:

• Residential Quarters (Type IV to Type VII) OR HRA (24 % of basic pay)

• Official Vehicle

• Dearness Allowances (9% of basic pay)

• CGHS Medical Facility

• Leave Travel Allowance

• National Pension Scheme

• Gratuity

• Leave Encashment

• Mobile and Briefcase Allowance

• Newspaper & mobile bill reimbursement

• Laptops

• Children Education Allowance

• Transport Allowance (8000 Rupees per month)

These perks are useful for every ESE officers and help in various aspects of their life.

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An ESE officer is a very lucrative job role for an engineering graduate. Engineering candidates from the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics & Telecommunication domains have good opportunities in this field. With different perks and allowances, Students can have a bright career in ESE. Check out the preparation material on BYJU’S Exam Prep to begin preparing for this exam today.

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