Types of MBA Specialisations in Demand in the Market

MBA is a postgraduate specialisation that enhances a person’s management skills and administrative skills in their chosen field. Corporate firms, companies, businesses and MNCs in Australia, the UK and other countries appoint individuals with concentrated knowledge about the fundamentals of operations, economics, finances. They can successfully fulfil higher management and administrative roles. Those who aim to build their careers in the parts of being a CEO, COO, CFO or other higher management benefit from taking up the best online MBA UK has to offer.

Today MBA graduates need not necessarily work in traditional business roles and companies. Industries like healthcare, hotels/services, non-profits, education and many other fields hire professionals with MBA core specialisations in higher-level management positions. MBA courses offer general specialisations like general management, finance, marketing, strategy, operational management, entrepreneurship and management consulting. Other courses offer contemporary specialisations in demand in the job market.

Information Systems and Technology

This specialisation prepares MBA graduates for executive roles in technology-based companies. Roles like Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and IT Directors are well suited for those specialising in InfoTech. Companies require leaders to streamline and maximise their technological needs and developments, including using technology to communicate, conduct research, product development, management, distribution and more. As technology is virtually applicable in every field, those with this MBA specialisation have a high demand in the job market. They also have a boosted profile, high job salary and growth by possessing expertise in this field.

Product Management

Existing products on-demand or decline require good managers to streamline, guide the workflow and integrate multiple departments to ensure efficient completion of product-related tasks. Newer products also require managers to build and adapt to the shifting needs of the research, production, marketing and supply, and employee efficiency. A good product manager coordinates with different teams like development, marketing and finance to deliver quality products under budget. It has enhanced the popularity of Product Management MBAs. It also has the additional benefit of not limiting the individual to a field or a specific industry. It makes this specialisation an attractive choice.


The past two decades have seen an exponentially increased use of data in the form of multimedia, documents, software, finances and more through the internet. As much as it has helped with communication, development and management, it has also heightened the security breach risks of the data. Therefore, cybersecurity is one field that is essential in every company today. Virtually every company, including smaller and larger ones, hires professionals with cybersecurity expertise. The demand for Cybersecurity MBA graduates is also high in governmental organisations due to their combined knowledge and training about data, business and security, with appropriate credentials.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing and required fields in the world today. Hospitals, medical device manufacturers, insurance companies, research labs and educational organisations are some healthcare entities increasing every day. It has boosted the demand for MBA graduates in Healthcare Management as they can help them approach their business effectively and manage their product, service and finances. An MBA specialisation in this field will help graduates become Healthcare Managers and other high-level executives, administrative and managerial roles in the healthcare industry.

International Management

This specialisation encompasses studying abroad experiences, perspectives, cultures, business dealings and legalities from the standpoint of other countries. Many well-known food, commodities, and services are now global, requiring managers with international relations skills to grow their brands. Graduates with the best online MBA UK offers can work in businesses with international operations, government agencies, large corporations, and MNCs with significant growth.

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