Mathematics is a very vast subject and requires a high amount of attention and time to study. Increased requirement of attention and time makes it significant for anyone to join some classes or tuitions to improve their skill and develop some interest in the subject. Mathematics is a subject that includes several types such as geometry, algebra, numerical expressions, the study of shapes and lines and a lot more as well. There are various shapes that one can study in this subject like square, rectangle, circles, sphere, cuboids etc. Shapes are also further divided into two types. These are 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional shapes. The basic difference between these is that 2d shapes include only length and breadth whereas, in 3d shapes length, breadth and height are included. Square, rectangle or circles are some of the 2d shapes. Sphere, cuboid or pyramid are some examples of 3d shapes.

One of these 3d shapes is a pyramid. A pyramid is a 3d shape that has a polygon base and triangle faces meeting at points. There are different formulas for the area and volume of pyramid shapes. There are several facts about this shape which we can discuss. Let us now learn more about the facts and figures of this shape. 


  1. The base of the pyramid is generally a square-shaped polygon. There are several types of pyramids. These are square polygon, triangular polygon, pentagonal pyramid and right triangle. 
  2. Various types of the pyramid have only one distinction in them which is the change in the polygon shape of the base. If the base shape is square it is considered to be a square pyramid and when the base is triangle-shaped it is known as a triangle pyramid. This is how various pyramids are differentiated. 
  3. The surface area of a pyramid is recognised by adding the lateral surface area and the base area of the pyramid. The lateral surface area of a pyramid is calculated as (½ × Perimeter of the base × Slant height). Hence, one can easily calculate the surface area of a pyramid by using and applying this formula. 
  4. The volume of a pyramid is calculated by using the formula 1/3 × Base Area × Height. Here the base area is the surface area of the base of the pyramid shape and height is the pyramid’s height. Therefore, one can easily use this formula and calculate the volume of the shape pyramid.

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