Top 5 Defining Trends Of eCommerce Industry in 2022

We are historically currently undergoing one of the most significant technological upheavals ever experienced in the past 100 years of world history. Old businesses are changing, and new businesses are emerging. And as we navigate ourselves through this slow-paced new normal, there is one business domain that is seeing a spectacular roar in traffic: the … Read more

10 Best Web-Based Video Editors for 2021

Editing videos is not a complicated task with the abundance of easy-to-use web-based video editors. The in-built tools and pre-made template simplify editing professional-grade videos for marketing, branding, and promotion. The advanced web-based video editors are powered with AI technology for suggestive or guided editing. The video editors work on cloud technology that puts together … Read more

How Crucial Live Virtual Classrooms Are For Students? Know Here!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin  The advent of highly sophisticated technology has made educational institutions to rely on LMS portals, which in turn, have been powered by video conferencing API (Application Programming Interface). All these have made conducting live online classes for students easier. Since education has the power to … Read more

What is Photovoltaic?

When answering the question “What is photovoltaic,” many distinct possibilities arise. One could be asking the question because they are curious about how solar companies transform sunlight into energy. Or, they may be inquiring about the word itself and where it traces its origins. But, there is also the possibility that they are interested in the photovoltaic … Read more

Don’t need to be a victim of hacking culture1

Mobile apps are a powerful way to engage with customers and make sales. But this power comes at a price: mobile app security. You may be tempted to skip over the security of your app in order to get it out quickly, but doing so can lead to disastrous consequences. The mobile application security is a must … Read more

Achieve Higher Position On Trending Page Through Real Instagram Followers

In recent years, Instagram has become the front face of many reputed brands and influencers. With building an engaging community to drive potential customers into their offered products and services, brands and companies are using Instagram through various ways for making a profit. According to a survey from a reputed agency, it is concluded that … Read more

How To Fix Microsoft Office Outlook Error?

Increased dependence on emails in organizations is increasing the chances of the Microsoft Office Outlook Error. The issue with the email client impacts the entire workflow. Microsoft Office Outlook is a widely used email client. You can find ways to resolve the problems of Microsoft Office Outlook Error not responding, crashes, or freezes. In this … Read more