3 Top Career Opportunities With a Beauty Therapist Course

Australia’s employment levels for beauty therapists are projected to reach 50,700 by 2024. In 2019, there were 23,000 program enrollments in beauty therapy courses. Apart from beauty therapists, there are many career opportunities available with this type of course. Some of them include makeup artists and beauty bloggers or writers. Hence, if you are passionate about wellness and cosmetics, the beauty therapy course is right for you. With the knowledge you attain, you can make people look their best. If you want to study beauty therapy, you can read further and learn more about the various career opportunities.

  1. Beauty therapist: If you are a natural people-person, and you like to conjure up unique magic from a visit to the spa or salon, you must certainly choose to be a beauty therapist. You will be in the business of making people look good and better, which is not only a challenging job but also a highly rewarding one. Beauty therapists, or beauticians, provide expert services that combine excellent techniques with an understanding of how the body and skin work. Your friendly attitude and professional services will allow you to cement your reputation. You will certainly be able to build a successful career or start your own business. Different salons or spas expect a beauty therapist to either focus on a certain area or do a bit of everything themselves. You require passion and commitment to become an excellent beauty therapist. 

A beautician must perform a wide range of duties, including discussing treatment options with customers and booking appointments. Further, they must specialise in applying makeup, giving manicures and pedicures, shaping eyebrows and eyelashes, spraying tan, etc. What’s more, they can also advise customers on haircare and skincare and how to use various cosmetics. But being the best beauty therapist requires certain skill sets like time management, customer service, and teamwork skills. You must also maintain a high level of professionalism and have the stamina to carry out physical tasks for a prolonged time. Moreover, you can enrol in beauty therapy courses to gain in-depth knowledge of cosmetics.

  1. Beauty blogger or writer: If you want to be a successful beauty blogger, you must attain knowledge about fashion, hair, skincare and makeup. You can share your knowledge with the world through websites or personal blogs. You can provide some tips and tricks on your blog or website. You can also create content about various skincare products, hairstyles, makeup, outfits and so on. You must have some knowledge of photography and lighting if you want to take photos of makeup and hair. 

Being a blogger means getting your readers or viewers engaged, so you can include some videos that allow them to create their own looks. You must also be well-aware of the latest trends of the beauty and fashion industry and keep your social media up-to-date. You can tweet regularly, post photos on Instagram and Facebook and run your own YouTube channel. You can also collaborate with other artists in the industry to exchange content in the form of guest blogging. You can visit local salons or shops and feature them on the website or blog.
Makeup artist: A makeup artist is a professional artist who can enhance or transform a person’s appearance in an allotted time frame. Although makeup artists are called cosmetologists, they are different since they specialise in makeup rather than services like nails or hair. To be a makeup artist, you require a wide range of skills and must specialise in various makeup techniques such as prosthetics, light bending, theatrical, high fashion, special effects, etc. Apart from the skills, makeup artists opt for beauty therapy courses to learn about beauty and fashion. Further, if you prefer being a makeup artist, you must have a substantial amount of dedication. For sure, you can impact the world around you.

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