InVideo Review: The Best Video Creation Tool

Video editing can seem taxing and challenging. For this reason, most people hire expensive
editors. However, with InVideo, even a beginner would not face any trouble editing. This tool
has everything one could ask for without consuming any storage space!

Invideo can assist in editing pre-recorded footage or designing videos from scratch. They have
a vast collection of templates. These can be modified to your liking, or even used directly. The
user interface is extremely simple, therefore, does not require prior editing training or

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Flexible in EVERY WAY:

One of their stellar selling points is their flexibility. Whether one is looking for flexibility in
customizing video, device requirements, time period, cost efficiency, all can be found in this one
application. Let’s see the specifics of the flexibility-

Video Customization

As mentioned earlier, this application has over 4000 templates to choose from for your video. If
you hover your mouse on ‘Categories’ you will see all of these pre-made models divided based
on their purpose. This minimizes time spent on browsing templates.
Blog content can be transformed into attractive videos. Adding visuals and audio appealing to
the senses can boost its popularity. For this reason, there are more than 50 Text-to-Video
themes to choose from. Paste your content or add a link to your content to automatically convert
it to a captivating clip in seconds.

There are options to import previously recorded films and images. Users can trim, incorporate
templates and designs into frames, and add music to the film. You can add voice overs –
manually narrated or use the app’s in-built text-to-speech AI.

Optimal Dimensions

This app accounts for everything. Many users want to create various dimensioned videos for
their socials. Keeping this in mind, they have pre-configured settings for user convenience.
Dimensions for landscape (Wide), Square, and portrait (Vertical) options for you. Templates for
particular socials (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) are available for quick editing.
Such edits for social media are vital for your growth, especially in marketing.

Desktop Device Requirements

Most of the fancy video editing software requires complicated specifications. That is not the
case for this tool. It is a web-based application. Simply go to your browser, visit the,

and log into your account to get started. This is especially useful with their team-building
feature. This enables users with different operating systems to work together and create
stunning video edits.

Skill Requirements

The beauty of this app is that no knowledge of video editing is necessary. Any user fluent in
English can navigate through this site with ease. As for the editing part, the UI will walk you
through it. However, if you still face difficulties, do not be afraid to reach out to them. Or, they
have a ton of tutorial videos to guide you through the process.


Most video editor programs cost quite a bit. Either that, or there is a 7-day free trial. But guess
what? Every feature of Invideo is completely free. No, there is no time limit on the free version.
You can use it for life. Try checking it out for yourself! The upside of getting onto the priced
plans is removing the 15 minutes per video cap and the watermark. So take your sweet time in
familiarizing yourself with the app, then join the plan.


Creating professional-looking videos using fancy tools can be extremely time-consuming. More
often than not, the process can take days or weeks! An average video editor will take an hour
for each minute of editing. With the remarkably easy interface, this editing time is significantly
cut down. Invideo has proven its power by its users making professional and trending videos in
only 10 minutes!


Video editors usually have little to no backing up for the user. You have to depend on friendly
third-party individuals on social media. This cannot guarantee the best solution, sometimes any
solution at all. On the other hand, this tool has staff ready to clear your doubts. This will ensure
maximum efficiency for both parties.


No need to rely on other users anymore. This app will dissolve any doubts from verified
sources. They release tutorial videos on their site to assure their users get the best possible
solution to their doubts. They offer a range of videos, starting from a beginner’s guide to the
nitty-gritty of editing.

24/7 Support

More questions? No problem. The people of this app will happily clear your doubts at any hour
of the day. You can contact them directly at their email address or through any social media.
Their Facebook profile is always open for questions, and you are guaranteed to get answers in
a jiffy.

Sweetening the Deal

Still not sold? Here is something you might want to know before you leave.

World’s First Intelligent Video Assistant

In addition to these, a feature that eliminates the competition is their Intelligent Video Assistant
(IVA). This is the world’s first artificial intelligence-based video editor assistant. This AI is
programmed to suggest changes when editing the video. Corrections such as text alignment,
colors, animation speed, and other specifics. These mistakes are frequently missed by the
human eye.


While you can completely access the functions of the app for free, there are still a few perks that
come with the premium plans. This web page’s plans can be monthly or yearly subscriptions.
Customers interested have the choice of two packages: Business ($15 per month) or Unlimited
($30 per month). Costs can be reduced up to 50% by subscribing to a yearly plan.
For larger companies or users with high visual demands, the annual Unlimited plan is
recommended. This enables you to curate an unlimited number of videos, without any cap on
the duration. High-quality stock images are offered as well to maximize the appeal.
Social media influencers, small business owners, or users with lower demands of visual content
can go on the Business plan. Customers can export 60 high-quality films every month and have
access to premium stock images without the watermark.

What More Could You Want?

In a short period of time, this video editor has won over the market. It has had consistent growth
including maximum customer satisfaction and the feedback proves it. The tool is so easy to
understand, users cannot help but fall in love. Still skeptical? The free plan allows customers to
learn the tool before committing. Try it out for yourself today!

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